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Premier Supplier of Wooden Pallets in Sydney

Running and managing a warehouse is a complicated business. You need to make sure that your inventory is stored safely and that your employees can quickly find everything. Quality pallets can help with this endeavour. 

When you have pallets that can withstand repeated use and the weight of your supplies, you can save the time and money that would otherwise be spent replacing them.

You can rely on Absolute Packaging Solutions to provide quality wooden pallets in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

Trust Our Strong Wooden Pallets

Most companies use metal racking in warehouses and depots, and that’s exactly what pallets are designed for. Pallets are the only way to safely store and retrieve goods on these tall, multi-storey racks.

At Absolute Packaging Solutions, we offer a variety of sizes (both standardised and custom) and different types of wooden pallets to suit your business’s needs. We use the best materials to ensure that our pallets are resilient and can endure heavy, constant use during shipping and storage.

We also offer heat-treated export pallets that meet ISPM 15 certification standards for international shipping, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your items if you’re shipping them overseas.

Rely on Our Friendly Service

Since 1999, Absolute Packaging Solutions has offered full-service packaging and storage supplies to businesses in and around Sydney. We work with specialist craftsmen to ensure that each of the pallets we supply is built to industry specifications.

We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service, and no order is too small. No matter what your shipping or inventory storage needs are, we can help you get the supplies you need.

Even if you’re unsure exactly what pallet size or type you need for your warehouse or shipping needs, our staff is knowledgeable about a wide variety of packing solutions, and we can help you find the pallets that best fit your business’s situation.

To learn more about our shipping and storage supplies, call us on 02 9618 1999. We can provide more information about the packaging solutions we offer and help you find the perfect materials to smoothly run your business.

Most modern logistics companies use metal racking in their warehouse and depots to store goods prior to onward transport. These giant multi storey racks are designed specifically for palletised goods storage. The bottom line is that if you intend to move goods you are going to need good pallets.
Our wooden pallets in Sydney


Our wooden pallets can withstand immense weights, so they won’t break easily under large, heavy loads. Whether you need to ship machinery parts or paper, our pallets can handle it.


When operating a warehouse, you need pallets that can work for both shipping and storage. Our pallets are made of high-grade timber and can bear the daily stress of any of your operations.


As packing, storage and shipping experts, we design and manufacture pallets with our customers’ needs in mind. Our sturdy pallets can fit nicely into any metal racking or other storage setups, and if you require specific pallet designs, we’ve got what you need.

For the best service, call Absolute Packing on 02 9618 1999.

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