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Expert packing services

Whatever items you need to transport or ship, there is money to be saved if it is packed correctly. In the world of transport and freight, weight and space are crucial to the final cost of moving anything. 

Many shipping forwarders will actually sell space on half full pallets or containers to optimise the overall cost of shipping or transport. It is therefore crucial that any load, as far as is safely possible, should be condensed down to reduce costs.

    At Absolute Packaging, we are the undisputed experts of packaging and wooden packaging containers of all kinds. We can package or crate any item here at our large modern premises near the Brooks Road exit of the M5. We custom build all types of packaging for large or small machinery, making sure it can be transported safely and securely on all forms of transport.
    We can also pack your own container with your items secured in our specialist packing cases. These can also be certified to ISPM 15 standards if necessary, and your loaded container can then be collected from our loading docks. When it comes to custom built wooden packaging containers of all types, we are the undisputed leaders in the field. 


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