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Wooden Crates Sydney

When it comes to shipping industrial or heavy items, there are a host of other logistical requirements to be taken into consideration. 

Here at Absolute Packaging, we have been making wooden packing and shipping crates for over 15 years in Sydney, and we are the experts in our industry. 

All our crates are constructed to the highest standards and ISPM 15 certification is available if required.
If you are looking to ship items using a less expensive option than enclosed boxes, then wooden packing crates may provide the solution. They are ideal for both land and sea freight and perfect for loading using forklift trucks. They are also preferable in cases where goods need to be open to the free movement of air, or have to be checked visually. Large pieces of equipment and heavy machinery are often transported in this way.

Wooden crates can be a great way to ship large, heavy items by land or sea if you're an industrial manufacturer or an exporter. Instead of relying on enclosed boxes, which can quickly become prohibitively expensive, open wooden crates can safely contain your items whilst on route to their destination.

They're also a great option if you’re shipping items that require exposure to the air to prevent damage from moisture or when you need to be able to visually inspect your goods.

About Our Company

Absolute Packaging Solutions has provided shipping solutions to customers in the Sydney area since 1999, including heat-treated, sustainable wooden crates as well as pallets and pet crates.

We work with businesses throughout the region, from the Central Coast catchment area to the Blue Mountains and Wollongong City. We use a cutting-edge packaging software to streamline the packaging process so that you'll get the best possible experience with us, whether you're exporting a large amount of goods by sea or sending machinery by train or by truck.

Our Mission

We believe in under-promising and over-delivering. When you work with us, you'll find that we'll quickly exceed your expectations. Our excellent customer service, combined with our dedication to fast and efficient delivery, is what distinguishes us from the rest. We also offer a full packaging service and can securely pack your items so that you don't have to worry about them getting damaged in transit. We know that you're busy running your business; let us handle the details for you. 

You can trust Absolute Packaging Solutions in Sydney to take care of your shipping needs—we are the preferred supplier for many of Australia's biggest industrial businesses. Why not call us today for a free quote and find out just how easy freight and heavy cargo shipping can be? New Paragraph


Some of our wooden crates in Sydney

Pet Crates

Relocating our pets can be a traumatic affair for many people, and safety is always a primary concern. Here at Absolute Packaging, we also construct animal cages for the shipping of domestic pets, and these have been sent safely to almost every country in the world.
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