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Wooden Boxes Sydney

Ideal for Packaging, Shipping and Storage

When you need to ship items anywhere in Sydney, across Australia or to another country, wooden boxes provide a secure shipping solution that offers incredible protection.

Using wooden packing boxes as your shipping solution allows you to carefully mail and transport even the largest of items. And these durable boxes will safeguard the contents during shipping, ensuring that everything arrives safely and intact.

Here at Absolute Packaging, we design, construct and supply a large range of wooden boxes for shipping items either domestically or overseas. Our timber boxes are custom-made to suit your specific requirements, and they can also be certified to ISPM 15 standards. We can supply boxes in either knockdown form or fully assembled in a choice of plantation pine or plywood. These sturdy boxes will provide strong and safe protection for your goods or products whilst they are in transit.

Since 1999, we’ve produced wooden boxes and crates for our customers in Sydney and the surrounding areas. We liaise with our customers to ensure the box provided is perfect for their needs. As a family-owned company, our aim is to ensure that we provide fast, efficient service to enable our customers to meet their shipping deadlines. We also strive to be fair to all concerned with each interaction.

Take a look at our offerings below, and feel free to call us on 02 9618 1999 if you have any questions. You can also fill out the callback form at the bottom of this page to have one of our staff members get in touch at a time that works best for you.
Some of our wooden boxes in Sydney


Plywood boxes are lighter than the standard timber construction making them ideal for airfreight where weight is a major issue. We can also supply a timber version in any size you require.

Some of our custom wooden boxes in Sydney


When it comes to transporting heavy and bulky items, you can’t go wrong with our standard timber boxes. They can also be lined to reduce moisture, making them ideal for sea cargo and in cases of prolonged exposure to the elements. 

Self-Assembled Boxes

Here at Absolute Packaging, we can also construct boxes that can be stored ready for assembly as and when needed. These types of boxes have the advantage of being immediately available whilst taking up the minimum amount of space on your premises.  


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